Introducing my Red Bubble store

There’s an undeniable thrill about seeing your designs for Red Bubble appearing on products which are shipped internationally. In the absence of being able to run my own stalls at craft events, meet people in person and sell the prints and products which I have created in my own home, creating a Red Bubble storefront has been an interesting way of sharing my nature images with the world.

Red Bubble is a website where artists of all types sell their designs which are printed onto numerous products, both clothing and items for the home. Red Bubble have responded to the current need for masks and have a range including regular, fitted and kids’ sized masks.

To be honest, it is an honour to be included among the many fantastic artists and graphic designers who are present on the site. Standards are high and the market is worldwide. What appeals to me about this business model is the ‘print to order’ principle. There are no great warehouses stocked with products which will go to waste if not sold. When an order is placed the product is printed and shipped directly to the consumer.

The products themselves are good quality and value and with such a range of items and designs, there is bound to be something of interest to everyone.

On my storefront I have around fifty designs. As you would expect if you have looked around this website, I have focussed on presenting nature images, particularly birds.

Please take a look at the Red Bubble store and watch out on my social media for special offers on specific products from time to time.

Can anyone guess which of my Red Bubble products is the best-selling item in my store?

It's included in the gallery below!